Dr Michelle Braude

Medical Doctor & Nutritionist

Total Health Tips: 7
Born in sunny South Africa and raised in London, Dr Michelle Braude qualified as a medical doctor from the prestigious UCL and also completed a BSc degree in Nutrition at King’s College London BSc Nutrition & MBBS Medical Degree). Instead of pursuing hospital medicine, Michelle chose to combine her academic qualifications with her personal passions for health, wellness and nutrition, and started her own independent nutrition practice called The Food Effect. Michelle helps countless people change their health, well-being, and appearance, (& ultimately their lives!), through optimum diet and nutrition, in a manner that still allows them to enjoy life and most importantly good food! She is also an avid cook and baker, spending any free time experimenting in the kitchen and coming up with delicious, healthy recipes. Through guiding her clients, as well as via her growing public and online profiles, Michelle’s mission is to teach the world to eat well, enabling everyone to look and feel their best! Her first book The Food Effect Diet: Eat More, Weigh Less, Look and Feel Better was published in December 2017.

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