5 Steps to get rid of Acid Reflux for good

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Acid reflux is very common and frustrating for many people, yet it doesn't have to be. Contrary to what we may have thought, it most often is not so much a problem of too much stomach acid, but a symptom of other underlying issues that can be fixed or at least greatly improved if addressed properly. One of the often overlooked root causes is a sluggish bile. Yes your bile! The stuff that can give you gallstones if it becomes thickened for a long time. It is also needed to kill off bacterial overgrowth in your small intestines (sometimes called SIBO = small intestinal bacterial overgrowth). If the bile doesn't flow properly, bacteria may start to take hold here, producing gas which presses up into your stomach, ultimately producing acid reflux.

What You'll Need

  • Bitter foods like chicory, artichokes, dandelion.
  • Choline rich foods like eggs
  • An organic lemon so you can chop it up entirely, including the peel. Blend with some water and drink.

What You'll Do

  • Incorporate more bile supporting foods like bitters: chicory, artichokes, lemon (even including the peel, which has some powerful oils that help stimulate bile flow and kill off 'bad guys' in your small intestine) and choline rich foods like eggs.
  • Reduce your sugar intake. Sugars feed the bad guys in your gut, and also lead to a vicious cycle of impacting the liver which thickens the bile over time. This includes overdoing it with fruit sugars such as found in sweet, tropical fruit, but especially the processed variety of high fructose corn syrup, as they, if consumed in excess, can contribute to a non-alcoholic fatty liver.
  • Try modified intermittent fasting. Going 12 to 18 hours without food allows the gut to clean up and regenerate. The 'modified' version which includes some high quality, pure fats like MCT/ coconut oil and/or butter/ghee, further supports your 'Migrating Motor Complex' which is important for this housekeeping, and also reduces acidity in your stomach that may be triggered by drinking coffee/caffeinated teas during your fast.
  • Stress reduction. Yes, you most likely hear this all the time, but stress really is a silent killer. One of the many negative effects of it is that it reduces your very own gut immune system (sIgA), which allows for the 'bad guys' to take over in there. Simple steps like incorporating more play & family time, and learning to let go of things that are out of your control (avoiding rumination), can do magic.
  • Belly breathing and mindfulness. Already taking just a few mindful, slow breaths into your belly have been shown to stimulate your vagus nerve. The vagus nerve is part of your rest-and-digest parasympathetic nervous system, which in our hectic times often get shut off in exchange for the 'fight-and-flight' system. The rest-and-digest system is important for just that- regenerate and renew cells in your entire body, including your gastrointestinal system, and for digestion: the intricate interplay between bile flow, acidity regulation in your stomach and with it reduced reflux,.

Tips & Warnings

  • The above outlined steps are some simple tricks you can try yourself at home. However, please note these can differ between people, and to get the most result it is always recommended to work with a qualified and experienced health care practitioner that can fine-tune it to your health situation, do necessary testing and make sure you it a treatment is tailored to your specific condition.
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